Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Shelter and Transportation
an expanded range of trouble-making

house House
A quaint, humble little Orange hut, which Mini-Peter designed and built for himself. You can see how in the adventure Mini-Peter Builds a House!.

Perfect for weekend trips to the wilderness or just an evening under this huge tree in our courtyard. It's a display model made by the manufacturers of "real" tents for sporting goods and department stores, but we found this one on eBay!

umbrella Umbrella
Okay, no debates on whether this is an umbrella or a parasol, or whether it belongs in Toys and Tools or Shelter. It provides shelter from the sun, and it seems too big to me to be a parasol (this photo doesn't do its size justice). So there.

Sleeping Bag
A cozy, comfy, and most importantly Orange sleeping bag, complete with pillow and air mattress (giant bubble wrap).
sleeping bag

mini-zorb Mini-Zorb
The ultimate in modern, cool transportation! Real Peter had a Real Zorb in his Growing Up Live concerts, so naturally, Mini-Peter needed a Mini-Zorb. I made it for him out of clear vinyl and wire and gave it to him for Christmas. He's hardly been out of it since!

More to come! Check back every now and then for additions!

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