Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Getting to Know Mini-Peter
a quick little Q&A with Mini-Peter himself!

Who is your favourite musician? Seems rather a silly question, don't you think?
Okay then, what are your favourite Peter Gabriel songs? Moribund the Burgermeister, because it has all the best dance moves and I get to use my light box. A close second is Big Time, for obvious reasons.
Do you wish you were taller? Is that why you like "Big Time"? Sometimes I wish I were a "normal" height, but I find that being small enables me to get into a lot more trouble, which is what I live for. Besides, I am an action figure, and as such I am the perfect size. I think humans are too big! Anyway, I'm quite sure the song is meant to be taken satirically, so I like its mockery of the "big" world.
What's it like living in a world of giants? It's frightening and exciting, sometimes both at once. I love climbing, so in that sense it's fortunate that everything around me is towering, but it can be quite tiring as well. If I want to check my e-mail or MySpace after a long day's troublemaking, I have to scale the equivalent of a three storey building just to get to the computer, and the combined width of the keyboard and trackball is nearly twice my arm span. I can't really go out on my own very often as I'm likely to get stepped on, but there's plenty to do around the flat, which is the size of a mansion to me. Quite often, on pleasant evenings, Nikki places my hut out onto the porch so I can take in some fresh air and get a lovely view of the night sky. We have a massive pine tree in the courtyard as well, with a lively and entertaining community of squirrels that I can observe - from a safe distance, as most of them are my size or bigger!
What is your favourite colour? Orange, of course! I've recently taken up photographing Orange Things; this is in addition to collecting them, which I've been doing for some time now. If I can bring it home with me, it goes in the collection - If I can't bring it home, I take a photo instead and post it in my Orange Photo Album, which can be seen on this very website.
What are your hobbies? Apart from seeking out and collecting Orange Things, I enjoy spending time with my good friends Teddy, Kitty and Lugnut (and of course Nikki), dancing on the giant keyboard or my light box, bothering the cats, growing Orange flowers, playing around in Photoshop, and getting into whatever trouble I can manage, but I can't give details on that because it's usually done behind Nikki's back.
What is your favourite movie? I don't really have the attention span for feature-length films, but I loved Recon! I thought it was the perfect mini-movie - only ten minutes long and starring Real Peter!
After you saw Rockpalast, Nikki was concerned as to how you were making money for a leather jacket. So... how were you making money? Ah... well, I was going to sell the cats on eBay, but they don't allow live merchandise, so my brilliant scheme was foiled. I'm certain now that I would have missed them terribly once they had gone, which I only came to realise when I thought about it later. In the end, Nikki and I worked out a deal, and I got my jacket after all. The adventure "Earning the Leather Jacket" will explain further.
Speaking of your adventures, one question that's on a lot of people's minds is: How did you get stuck in that soda bottle? Er... I'm sorry, I'd rather not discuss that, if you don't mind. It wasn't a pleasant experience, and it took quite a lot of coaxing from Nikki for me to allow it to be posted. I can see the humour in it now, but... I still don't want to talk about it. I'm sorry. Anything else is fine, I just... well... I was in there for a long time, you know, and... it was getting extremely claustrophobic, and...
No no, that's all right. But maybe you could tell us how you managed to outsmart and tie up that bully on Halloween? [laughs] It wasn't so difficult. I crept in and untied his bootlaces, then tied one from each boot together. When he tried to take a step, he tripped and fell. I waited until he realised what had happened and tried to untie the knot I'd made, at which point he was so baffled that I was able to get the other strings around his wrists and quickly tie those together before he could pull his hands away. Quite simple, really. He was startled and confused but totally unharmed.
Any other big plans for new toys or adventures? Nikki and I are planning to build a scale replica of the Rockpalast stage for me, but we're having trouble securing a location for it. As for adventures, I can't discuss those; at least, not until I am caught.
Ha! Well don't get yourself into too much trouble! Did you ever get your radio equipment back from the Mini-Police? Yes, in fact, I have got it all back now, including a brand new Orange mouse pad which Nikki gave to me for one of my birthdays! I've got my licence and I've spoken to some lovely people from all over California, Nevada and Arizona - I'm afraid my range isn't quite what it used to be since Nikki tripped over my five-foot aerial and broke it (admittedly, that's what I get for leaving it at an odd angle in the dark), but I still get some good conversation in.
Do you have any dreams, goals or aspirations you'd like to share with us? It is my greatest dream in life to meet Real Peter, and hopefully to sit on his shoulder for a photo. It was this very dream that inspired the Photoshop Dreams feature of this site, when I pasted myself into the So album cover. Photoshop is fun but it's not reality, and I would love to make that dream a reality someday.
Well good luck to you on that, it's a fine dream. Mini-Peter, thank you so much for answering our questions! Anytime, always a pleasure. You've even left me with plenty of time to irritate the felines before Nikki gets home from work!