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"Real Peter" Gabriel
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A Very Quick Bio
Peter Gabriel was born in Surrey, England, on 13 February 1950. He started out in the late sixties as the lead singer and a founding member of Genesis (Phil Collins took over when Peter quit in 1975). He officially started his solo career in 1977, and has released numerous studio and live albums, soundtracks, videos and DVDs, and even two computer games! He's very interested in technology and is always finding ways to use the latest gadgetry to make his music more innovative and interesting.

Between albums, he's created his own record label (Real World) for World music, started up the WOMAD festivals (World Of Music, Art and Dance), and done a bunch of work for human rights, including touring with Amnesty International and co-founding WITNESS. I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty of stuff, so go to his official site for more details on everything.

Things You Ought to Know
if there's any reference on this site that you don't understand, it will probably be explained here.

1) In September 1978, after the release of his second self-titled album, he played a show for the German television concert series Rockpalast.

rockpalast rockpalast
rockpalast rockpalast rockpalast

2) Peter gives monthly video updates on his website. In January 2007, his appearance was a bit... unusual... No explanation was ever given, but was it really needed?


3) There is a song on the second self-titled album called White Shadow, and it was performed at Rockpalast. There's another song on that album called Home Sweet Home. Ahh... so a few of the graphics on this site make a little more sense now, eh?

4) He has a song called Sledgehammer, too, from the 1986 So album, but I'm sure you've heard it, and seen the video. Trust me, you've seen the video. People in rain forests who have never seen a television have seen the Sledgehammer video. You have seen it, I guarantee.
Don't believe me? Look:

sledgehammer screencaps
See? You've seen this video, haven't you??

5) In the late 70's, Peter used to sing a song called "Me And My Teddy Bear" with a special guest vocalist.

guest teddy bear

He was very close to his Teddy Bear... maybe a little too close!

kissing teddy bear

6) Peter tends to get "distracted" between albums with all sorts of side projects, and as a result it sometimes takes a verrrrrry long time to get anything finished. He has even resorted to saying things like "The new album will be out in September" and pointing out later that he did not specify the year. It's all a big tease, and it can be quite amusing to see how the press will still fall for it. There are usually live albums or soundtracks between the "proper" albums, but still... it takes a lot of patience to be a long-term PG fan. (Of course, Mini-Peter is as loyal as they come, but patience is definitely something he needs to work on...)

7) In 2002-4, he toured for his album Up, and for the song Growing Up, he ran around the stage in a Zorb. What is a Zorb, you ask? Sort of an inflatable hamster ball for humans... have a look!


zorb zorb

Now doesn't that look like fun?? You can see why Mini-Peter had to have one!

I suppose that's it for now. If anything else comes up that might need explaining, it'll be added here, so check back whenever you get baffled.

Let's have that groovy timeline graphic one more time, just for good measure...