Maple Horn
Cane #6 (Maple Horn)

Episodes: 18
  • Maple wood cane with tourist handle
  • Polished piece of buffalo horn at the end of the handle
  • Replicas available exclusively through Fashionable Canes, who claim to supply the canes seen on the show
  • Retailing at around $85, this is House's most expensive everyday cane to date
  • House has rather naughtily nicknamed this cane "Little Little Greg" (S05-E14 The Greater Good)
First Appearance:
House's Head
This cane makes a strange debut. House has lost his Flame Cane in a bus crash and is suffering retrograde amnesia. He is desperately trying to remember what happened on the bus, and throughout the episode he uses a Forearm Crutch that he found in the hospital. Then, despite seeming to be in quite a rush to get onto another bus to aid his memory, he somehow acquires a new cane between his apartment and the bus.

Did he stop somewhere on the way and grab a new cane - not just any cane, mind you, but a relatively fancy and expensive one - or did he have this one stashed away at home somewhere? If he had it stashed, why didn't he grab it when he went home earlier in the episode?
The Greater Good
Cuddy, seeking revenge on House, steals House's cane. It might actually have been "Blue" the janitor or a nurse who directly committed the crime, but we never see the act itself. All we see is House hang the cane on a fixture above the Clinic desk, and by the end of the scene it has disappeared.

House is left using various substitutes until Cuddy returns his cane to him a day later. He welcomes the cane back by calling it "Little Little Greg", marking the first time that one of House's canes has been given any kind of proper name.
Last Appearance:
The Softer Side
House's coworkers have noticed that he is in an unusually good mood, and when Wilson finally confronts him about it, House confesses that he has secretly been taking methadone as a new pain treatment. Despite the serious risks associated with this drug, House tells Wilson that he intends to keep using it, because it has entirely eliminated his pain. In a dramatic display, he throws Cane #6 into a dumpster and walks away without it.

Of course, it seems that no happiness in House's life can ever last. See the Cane Free page to find out what ends this latest phase of painlessness.
Variations Observed: 2+ This light colored wood shows color variation and imperfections much more clearly than any other wooden cane that House has used. The piece of buffalo horn at the end of each handle is also unique. By looking closely at the handle, it is possible to spot several not-quite-exact duplicates that have been used.

It's difficult to get a clear, close-up shot of the handle, but I have spotted at least two distinctly different Maple Horn canes (probably more but I can't find good enough caps to prove it). Note in these pictures how one the one on the left is light in color with a small dark spot, while the one* on the right is much darker all over.

*The pictures on the right might in fact be two different canes, but I'm still looking for screencaps to show the differences clearly.