Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Stylin' Accessories
Mini-Peter has his own unique sense of style!

These accessories were store-bought unless otherwise noted.

leather jacket Leather Jacket
Ahh, the famous leather jacket...

Mini-Peter is a great cook!

chef's hat Chef's Hat
No chef is complete without the hat...

Just like The REAL Peter's!
(hand-painted, visor home-made)

party hat Party Hat
Good for birthdays and such.

Cool Shades
To go with the helmet, of course.
cool shades

more cool shades More Cool Shades
Sometimes you want a different look, after all

Cool Blue Shades
Okay, this is getting ridiculous...
cool blue shades

digital watch Digital Watch
with backlight. Have to know when it's cat-buggin' time!

Safety Goggles
You never know when you'll need them...
safety goggles

night vision goggles Night Vision Goggles
Because cats are nocturnal.

Neccessary attire for hanging out in your summer hut!
Kitty and Lugnut have them, too!

swim trunks Swim Trunks
Ah, what a shame these didn't make it into an adventure this summer...

Dog Tags
They came in the package with some other stuff. He never wears them, but they're still kinda cool.
dog tags

sleep mask Sleep Mask
Late nights chasing cats lead to sleeping during the day...

Shell Necklace
Sold as a bracelet for "normal" sized people, it makes a lovely necklace for Mini-Peter.
shell necklace

sandals Sandals
Great for the beach or reclining on the porch on sunny days!

Feather Headband
a nice little souvenir of the camping trip.

Remember to check this page often - there are new additions every few adventures or so!

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