Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Toys and Tools
Mini-Peter's stuff

These accessories were store-bought unless otherwise noted.

microphone Microphone
Where would Mini-Peter be without his trusty mic?!
This one's a wireless.

Scrubbing Brush
Great at getting out those tough chocolate stains...
scrubbing brush

knives Knives
Always tools, never weapons. Violence is bad.

For spotting distant orange things.

torch High-Powered Torch
Lots of night-sneaking going on, ya know.

I don't even want to know...

rope Climbing Rope
Hopefully never used for tying up cats.

Surely this one doesn't need explaining!

ice pack Ice Pack
Stuff happens...

Car Seat
Always buckle up!
car seat

orange paper Orange Paper
This used to be an 8.5" x 11" sheet of orange paper, until Mini-Peter threw a mini-tantrum and tore it to pieces.
(home made)

Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue is the mortar of the summer hut, the thread of Mini-Peter's clothes, and it's even holding his neck together!
glue gun

axe Axe
Sometimes ya just gotta chop some wood.

Utility Knife
Very useful in construction. Just be careful!
utility knife

pencil Pencil
A shiny orange pencil!

Money Eggs
A handy place to keep loose change.
money eggs

tools Toolbox
A well-stocked toolbox - it is, however, missing a Phillips screwdriver.

Yes, that's right, a Mini-Whisk. It's for chocolate milk, and I actually had it for years before Mini-Peter came along, so I have now passed it on to him!

hanger Hanger
What - you think Mini-Peter just leaves his clothes all over the floor??

Orange Tape
A gift from Mrs. Ratbag, this orange tape has come in handy several times. Just two examples: It seals the joints in the roof of his house and also acts as the hinges of the trapdoor.
Orange tape

highlighter Highlighter
Hopefully not to be used in my copy of a very rare, out-of-print Real Peter bio!! Right, Mini-Peter??

Hiking Stick
Mini-Peter's very special hiking stick. The very same that caused all that trouble on the camping trip.
hiking stick

basketball and hoop Basketball and Hoop
A nice way to pass the time and stay in shape! One-on-one with Teddy, or endless games of Horse (spelling the alphabet and such).

Is this making anyone else nervous?? Please be careful, Mini-Peter!!

radio desk Radio Desk
Mini-Peter's Ham Radio equipment and computer. You might remember it from the adventure Mini-Mozo's On The Air!. And yes, we got him a new Orange mouse pad. (*relief!*)

Remember to check this page often - there are new additions every few adventures or so!