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Mini-Peter's Wardrobe
Various ways to look cool...

In October of 2007, Mini-Peter desperately wanted to be Peter Gabriel's "Monkey Man" for Halloween, with a specific black and white outfit that Real Peter often wore onstage in late 1982. It wasn't the sort of thing we could just pick up on eBay, but I hated to disappoint him. I was feeling brave so I got some fabric, needles and thread, and set about the frustrating journey of figuring out how to make mini-clothing. I got the hang of it after a while, and now it's a bit addicting!

halloween costumemini-peter's costumereal peter's monkey gear

This was the first thing I sewed for Mini-Peter. Amusingly, I managed to sew both legs of the trousers together all the way down the front before I caught the mistake. Despite this and other setbacks, it came together quite nicely in the end, and inspired me to make more mini-outfits. The shoes were purchased on eBay and the t-shirt came with his leather jacket, but the rest is my own work.

pajamasmini-peter's pajamas

The next thing I completed was this lovely set of Orange gingham pajamas. He models his pj's on Christmas morning, complete with fuzzy slippers. Unfortunately, I do not have a photograph of Real Peter in his pajamas, so we'll just have to use our imaginations for that one. *imagines*

rockpalast outfitmini-peter's favourite outfitreal peter's rockpalast kit

This was a big little project! These clothes are forever Mini-Peter's true trademark, so with my newly learned skill I wanted to make a better set for him. It was on this shirt that I learned to make a proper collar (the one on the pajamas was a bit of a cheat), and I even managed to recreate the billowy shoulders. The jeans were by far the hardest part - they have real pockets front and back and even a working zipper. Once again, the shoes were purchased on eBay.

hoodie and cargosmini-peter in hoodie and cargosreal peter's hoodie and cargos

Real Peter went through a hoodie phase around 2002-2004 or so and can be seen wearing this black and red hooded shirt in an amusing quantity of photos from that time period. Naturally, Mini-Peter needed one, too, so he got one for Christmas. The cargos have real pockets, although they are not quite the same style as Real Peter's.

crazy Orange shirt

This is likely my favourite so far. It seems Real Peter has been known to wear some crazily patterned shirts, so I decided Mini-Peter needed his own crazy shirt - in Orange, of course. Mini-Peter adores it but considers it his dress shirt, so he's waiting for a special occasion to wear it.

the mini-tracksuitmini-peter in tracksuitreal peter in his tracksuit

Here is the tracksuit that Real Peter and his entire band wore for the "China Tour 1984" - which occurred, confusingly enough, in 1980, and as far as I know never went to China. Sounds like Real Peter's sense of humour, all right.

mini-peter in secret world outfitreal peter in secret world outfit

This is what Real Peter wore for the Secret World Live tour of 1993. If you want to know how Mini-Peter ended up with a goatee and longer hair, you'll have to check out The Magic Phone Box.

If you're looking for the famous leather jacket, you'll find it on the Accessories page. This page is exclusively for my own hand-made projects, and I most certainly did not make the leather jacket. That kind of thing is still more than a little out of my skill range... ;-)