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The Orange Photo Album
Mini-Peter himself takes you through a tour of photos he's taken of all sorts of Orange Things he has come across!

I saw this Orange rose at a party during the Fourth of July trip! It was a few feet off the ground, but Nikki held me up so I could get the photo.

This was in the carpark at the Orange County Fair. They had other colours as well, but I didn't get any photos of those.

There were a lot of Orange Things at the Orange County Fair!

With the blade covers on, they'd be entirely Orange!

This makes Orange Tea! Well, maybe not. I want to try Orange Tea. Nikki says it exists - some herbal mix with Orange peel or something, but she didn't like it.

This Orange Squishy Ball was captured here in its natural habitat.

Yet another photo from the fair - this chain sells Orange Smoothies, and they're quite tasty! (Nikki says the cherry is good too, but I'm sceptical.)

Another Orange beverage! Admittedly, this is Mango flavoured, but Mango juice is Orange, it would seem.

Nikki got this photo for me at the LaBrea Tar Pits. It's a forklift. You probably knew that but I thought I ought to mention it just in case.

Oh, how I longed to dive into these! Nikki wouldn't let me... something about "unsanitary". I don't know, they look clean enough to me...

I sneaked out to the kitchen one day for a snack to find THIS! I'd no idea our dishes were cleaned with Orange soap!

Nikki and I walked around the block and found these Orange honeysuckle flowers in several spots around the neighbourhood. Beautiful!

Nikki's cousin gave this to me at the fair. It's a straw, and as you can see, it's about two feet tall!

When I smuggled myself to work with Nikki, I got lots of shots of Orange Things there.

More from the projection booth - why haven't we got these at home??

A nice close-up of one of the film reels from Technicolor (I don't like spelling it that way but I'll forgive them since they like Orange so much).

More from Technicolor - the cans that the reels are transported in.

Take my advice and do NOT ask Nikki about the missing one, unless you want a thirty minute rant on the bloke at work who loses things.

Nikki lets me tag along to collect the post sometimes, and these flowers are near the boxes. They're the same kind that I played in at her grandmother's house.

Nikki got this photo for me while out driving - sorry it's off centre, but she was a bit busy driving at the time. (Also notice the Orange ping pong balls on the dash - it's a long story.)

More flowers! These were on the ground just outside the enclosed patio of a restaurant we passed on a nice evening walk to the supermarket. I hope someday we'll have room for a proper garden of our own, filled with Orange flowers of all kinds!

This cone was at a petrol station. It's twice as tall as I am! Nikki took the picture while I waited in the car.

These were at the same petrol station, and they're three times my height! According to our neighbours, these are called "delineators". I wanted to climb them, but we were running late somewhere. At any rate, I've determined that petrol stations are good places to find Orange things!

We found this self-serve coffee pot at Carl's Jr. Nikki, of course, had to make a comment about "good thing the Orange one is Decaf". I'm sure that was directed at me somehow (all in fun, of course). Ah well... I prefer tea, anyway, as does Nikki.

It was very difficult to get a clear, close shot of these butterflies, as they kept fluttering away when we got too close...

An Orange fence at a building site!

Haven't got a clue what it was doing there, but there it was so here it is.

panda express
From Panda Express - this one's for Teddy!

Here's Nikki taking photos while driving again... a bright Orange lorry on a cool grey morning!

fire hydrant
An Orange fire hydrant. That makes sense to me - fire is Orange, hydrant is Orange. Perfect!

ground cover
This ground covering is near where Nikki works. Is that GUM defacing it?! Shameful!

bird of paradise
A lovely flower called the Bird of Paradise. It does look like a bird, doesn't it? This particular bird appears to have two heads...

ground spray
Some Orange spray paint on the ground marking cable lines or something of the sort. Doesn't seem fair... I'm not allowed to go Orange tagging, but this is acceptable?

What better way to reserve your parking space than with Orange?

Honda Element
What a lovely car - and a Honda, no less! Nikki has a thing for Hondas, but hers isn't Orange. Yet.

road work
Almost makes it worth the traffic and detour bother when the sign is Orange. I did say almost...

autumn banner
These banners are hung all over the streets in our town for Autumn.

Cones and Flags
This must be a very special van to be surrounded by so much Orange! Yes, another driving shot. This is the same petrol station that had the cones and delineators seen earlier in this very photo album.

flower basket
A trip to the supermarket with Nikki yielded many Orange photos (and a lot of strange looks from other shoppers, but we don't worry about things like that). Here's a pretty Orange flower in a basket.

I get a perfect view from the trolley seat for my Orange Thing photographing, and I feel so TALL! Here's a fresh bouquet of Orange roses!

And what better to hold your Orange roses than an Orange vase?

An Orange sponge holding the grocery bags in place. I sneaked this photo while the bagger wasn't looking!

more decaf
Another pot of decaf coffee, this one at Jack In The Box. Shame I don't drink coffee - if I did I'd have to try this "decaf" variety, as it always seems to come in the Orange pot.

hanging lamp
Just a nice little hanging lamp at a restaurant.

An Orange ribbon tied to twine in the grass. Why was it there? Who knows? Why was the grass there? Why was I there? Why are any of us here? I just photograph the Orange Things, I don't philosophise on their existence. Okay, maybe I do, a bit, but... well I just can't figure this one out so I've moved on.

This van had no brand markings and was obviously a self-painted project. Nicely done, and well selected colours. For what it's worth, it has received the Mini-Peter stamp of approval!

Be sure to check this page often - there are Orange Things everywhere and my search never ends!

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