Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Earning the Leather Jacket
a Mini-Peter Adventure transcribed by Nikki, 2007

March 9 - April 2: Work and Rewards

     If you've been keeping up with Mini-Peter's adventures, you'll know he's been wanting a leather jacket ever since he saw Real Peter wearing one on Rockpalast.
     Mini-Peter wanted to buy it himself, so we came up with some chores he could do to make money.

     First on the list was feeding the cats. We keep the food on top of the refrigerator, so Mini-Peter got out his helmet and climbing rope.

climbing to the cat food

     When you live in a world of giants, you have to develop some pretty unique ways of getting things down from high places:

dumping the food

The cats were amused...


And now we know what the shovel is for!

scooping it in

Next on the list: feeding the humans!


     Don't worry... we had a long discussion about stove-top safety and he was supervised the first few times. As it turns out, he's quite the little chef!

     He worked very hard, and it only took a few weeks to earn the money. We hunted down the perfect jacket on eBay, purchased it with Buy-it-Now, and in another week, it arrived!


     We had a good laugh at the postage stamps. How perfect is that??
     "The package is bigger than I expected," Mini-Peter observed as he tore into it. "I hope the jacket is the right size."
     "Well, I got you a little something extra, for all your hard work."
     "What is it??" He asked.
     "Just open it and find out!"


     "A SLEDGEHAMMER?!?!" He exclaimed with glee. "Where on earth did you find THIS?!?!"
     "You can find anything on eBay, it's officially true now. You like it?"
     "I love it! You're the greatest! Thank you so much!!"
     "You're very welcome."

     He tried on his new jacket and it was a perfect fit, so he proceeded to dance around in it singing a strange forty-minute medley of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Sledgehammer.

wearing the jacket

     Quite catchy, actually! I've never seen him happier - I'm not sure if he'll ever take that jacket off!