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Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund


If you visit a website called The Adventures of Mini-Peter, you will undoubtedly be expecting Adventures. Don't worry, Mini-Peter would never disappoint you in that department! He takes the word "Action" in "Action Figure" very seriously, and he gets bored very easily. It's a dangerous combination.

Okay, so some adventures are a bit more "adventurous" than others, but Mini-Peter prides himself on keeping things interesting, so the mundane tasks of everyday life always seem to become a little more exciting than strictly necessary when he's around. It's all right, though... after all, this website wouldn't exist if he didn't get into so much trouble!


Birthday Celebrations and Mishaps

When Nikki is Away...

Watching Rockpalast

Mini-Peter Makes a Website!

Collecting Orange Things

Earning the Leather Jacket

With Leather Comes Attitude

Mini-Peter Builds a House!

Predicaments, Part 1

Mini-Peter's Calendar

Mini-Mozo's On The Air!

Me And My Teddy Bear

The Orange Thumb

The Mini-Projectionist

In The Wilderness

Candy Training

The Great Halloween Adventure, part 1

The Great Halloween Adventure, part 2

The Mini-Studio

The First Mini-Christmas

Predicaments, Part 2

The Cake Tower

The Magic Phone Box

WALL-E Weekend