Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

When Nikki is Away...
a Mini-Peter Adventure transcribed by Nikki, 2007

March 3rd: Just Boredom... that's all it takes, really...

     When Nikki is away...

     Mini-Peter will get into a whole mess of trouble.

     He's been wanting to hear my new Crowded House live CD. I told him I didn't know when I'd have time to listen to it, but that he was more than welcome to put it in while I was at work. I only asked that if he had to do any climbing, he would wear a helmet. He whined and complained and called me "Mother"... until he saw the helmet.

nice helmet

     "Okay, this is pretty cool," he agreed. "Just like The REAL Peter's!"
     So off I went to work, assured that whatever Mini-Peter decided to do, he would be safe.

     He gathered up his climbing knives and started making his way up the mountain of storage cases.


     He stepped up to the TV stand and leaned over, but couldn't quite reach the Crowdies' shelf...

leaning over

     So he retrieved his knives and started climbing.

climbing higher

     "Ah hah! Got it!" (You might not be able to see it clearly but it's worth mentioning that his climbing knives are bowie knives, and he has one of them stuck into my David Bowie CDs...) ;)

     Ah, but getting it down was the tricky part...



     And that, Mini-Peter, is why we wear helmets to climb... But at least he got the CD he was looking for.

     At this point, Kitty and Lugnut joined the party, and Mini-Peter loaded up the music.

party time

     "I would just like to point out," he observed to Kitty and Lugnut, "that Compact Discs are not really all that compact to me..."
     "Well they're still better than vinyl," Kitty offered.
     "Yeah," said Lugnut, "An LP would be as tall as you are!"
     "True," Mini-Peter agreed. "On that note, let the party begin!!"

piano slide

     And they were still jamming when I got home.

     I'm glad they had fun... but I really do wish he'd leave the helmet on for the keyboarding next time, especially if he's gonna get tricky with slides and stuff... it's an awfully long drop to the floor!! Oh well. Kitty enjoyed her chance to wear it, and Lugnut was lovin' his time in the vest! What are you gonna do?