Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Mini-Peter Watches Rockpalast
a Mini-Peter Adventure transcribed by Nikki, 2007

March 9th: Watching The REAL Peter on Rockpalast!

     This morning, Mini-Peter woke me up at eight o'clock and announced: "Do you realise that I have not yet seen this Rockpalast concert you're always talking about?"
     "Surely it could wait 'til noon?" I pleaded, but to no avail. He simply couldn't wait another five minutes, never mind four hours, so we gathered up all of his Rockpalast toys and the DVD and went out to the living room to watch it.

     "This is great!" He exclaimed, watching The Real Peter climb the ladder at the side of the stage.

up the ladder

     Mini-Peter slid down and grabbed his mic stand to sing along.

rockin' out

     "On the AIR!" he sang. "On the AIR! ON.. THE.. AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIR!!!"

     But now came the REAL fun... I presented him with a gift that I had just completed the day before. His very own Moribund the Burgermeister Light Box!


     "I will find out..." he croaked in his creepiest baritone. "This is the coolest thing EVER!" he screeched.
Mini-Peter has a new favourite toy, it seems!

more Mini-Moribund

     He continued with his authentic dance moves...

strategically placed microphone

Oh Mini-Peter... LOL



     Mini-Peter sang and danced and had mega-mini-fun all over the living room for the next forty-five minutes.
     After Modern Love the whole band left the stage, so Mini-Peter sat down at the edge of his lightbox to catch his breath. "That was a brilliant show," he said. "Please, let's watch it again??"
     "Again?" I exclaimed. "It's not even over yet! There's an encore, keep watching!"

     I think maybe I should have stopped the DVD there, because out came The REAL Peter for The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, wearing a leather jacket, and suddenly Mini-Peter was distressed.

leather jacket

     "Hey, I haven't got a leather jacket!! If I'm meant to be an authentic Rockpalast action figure, I MUST have a leather jacket!! I mean, it's only for the sake of authenticity, you know!"

     He makes a good point... and so, the eBay hunt begins!

I'm never getting back to sleep...