Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Mini-Peter Makes a Website
a Mini-Peter Adventure transcribed by Nikki, 2007

March 10th-14th: Gotta have a website!

     Seems like everyone has a website these days. Mini-Peter got to thinking... he needed one, too!

     He asked me if I knew how to make one.
     I told him I had a great book that explained everything, so he buried himself in it and got to work.
     I told him I could help if he got stuck, but he was determined to do it himself.
     (You have no idea how many times he listened to D.I.Y. during the process...)

Step 1) Brainstorming the Layout:
So far, so good.

Step 2) Designing the Graphics:

     "This is harder than I thought," Mini-Peter confessed after spending hours in Photoshop, "but it's still fun, and check out my graphics!"
     "Nice work," I complimented him. "You're a real Photoshop whiz!"
     "Aw, thanks," he said. "Now where did I leave that book?"

Step 3) Writing the HTML:

     I woke up at 4am and found Mini-Peter still hard at work, tapping away at the keyboard, writing HTML.
     "Aren't you going to sleep tonight?" I asked.
     "No, I'm not ti-i-aaAAOOOooww" he yawned "tired."
     "I can see that."
     "I've nearly finished with this page. Then I'll go to sleep, I promise."
     But I woke up again shortly after sunrise to the sounds of furious stomping on the keyboard, mini-swearing, and all the other clear signs that Mini-Peter had reached the inevitable:

Step 4) Getting Frustrated:
kicking things

     "Bloody graphics won't load, this page is missing... I've been over everything, I can't figure it out!!"
     "The server is case sensitive..." I mumbled into my pillow. "Try that, and if it doesn't work go to sleep and try it again later. You just need a break."

     By the time I woke up properly a little before noon (hey, I have a night job, okay?), Mini-Peter had reached his second wind. It was soon time for the most important step!

Step 5) Saving!

     Once he'd spent another hour browsing through the site with a big silly proud grin on his face, he fell asleep at the keyboard, and I had to put him back in his box and throw a pillowcase over it so he could sleep all day. Poor little guy, he earned himself a good rest... but it was worth it, don't you think?

     The next day he asked me if I would mind taking over for him for the updates. He said it was fun while it lasted, but it was a lot of work, and he had lots of other things to do (like pestering the cats and collecting orange things) that took up most of his time.

Looks like I've got a new job...