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Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

**an action figure tribute to Peter Gabriel**

What's New With Mini-Peter?
Mini-Peter has retired from the spotlight for now. He may be back if the mood strikes him, but for now he's enjoying the quiet life with Kitty, Lugnut, Teddy and his newest, uh, friend, Mini-Dr-House (he's awfully grumpy, but being the only two mini-people in a several-mile radius, they've learned to tolerate each other). But you can still revisit all of Mini-Peter's old adventures and use your imagination to figure out what he's getting up to these days!

Worth Mentioning
Ooh, Gifts!
Mini-Peter is honoured and flattered to have received several gifts from his fans and netfriends in the past few months. Please visit the new page of Bonus Photos devoted entirely to the gifts he has received to see all the new goodies - there is some VERY cool stuff in there!

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Last Update: July 1st, 2008
New Features:
None Whatsoever!
(but the site will remain indefinitely for you to peruse freely)

New(ish) features:
The Magic Phone Box (an adventure)
Fan Gifts (a Bonus Feature)

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