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Gifts From Fans
"For meeeeeeeee????? Thank you!!"

care package 1 care package 3

Upon hearing of Mini-Peter's new hobby (collecting Orange things), Mrs Ratbag sent him a wonderful care package of various Orange items, including ear plugs, candy, pens, and some Orange tape that he has used on several occasions (once he figured out that it wasn't a hat).

with Eastoons

Mini-Peter's Aunt Lia sent him an Eastoon of himself as a house-warming gift!
We printed two copies - a big one for me, and a little one for him.
He made the Orange frame himself. I got lazy and bought mine. ;)

Hanging the Eastoon

He found the perfect place for it in his hut.

Displaying the Eastoon

It's really starting to look like home now!


Mini-Peter's netfriend CorrectiveShoes sent him this lantern so he'd be safe at Halloween! It certainly came in handy as a safety device that night, since he was dressed almost entirely in black. He carried it proudly with him while he trick-or-treated and even used it to look for that rotten bully who was stealing everyone's candy. You'll have to see The Great Halloween Adventure, Part 2 to see how the bully search turned out.


At Real Peter's Real World Studios there is a white swan called Rupert who attacks people. The incomparable Mrs Ratbag, who has met the Real Rupert (and still has his beak marks on her shoe), found a Mini-Rupert to be Mini-Peter's friend. Amazingly, Mini-Rupert gets along fairly well with Mini-Peter, but he's still warming up to the rest of us. He certainly isn't camera shy, spreading his wings in a lovely pose for the photo.


Real Peter rode a Segway scooter onstage during Games Without Frontiers on his 2004 tour. Mrs Ratbag, yet again, sent Mini-Peter a MINI-SEGWAY - customized MP Edition! He's been vroooming all over the apartment on it and has even attempted to ride it inside his Mini-Zorb. That experiment didn't work so well, but the Mini-Segway on its own provides wonderful, practical and Earth-friendly transportation. And what's more, it has cool Orange lightning!

a flower?

ViolentFemmeBot, a friend Mini-Peter met at LiveJournal, found these chocolate flowers and decorated them to look just like Real Peter in his Genesis flower suit. Isn't it adorable? She sent one for me, too! Mini-Peter and I both decided that they're far too cute to eat, so they reside in the pencil cup on my desk, always there to brighten our day.

Thank you so much to Mrs Ratbag, Lia Eastwood, CorrectiveShoes and ViolentFemmeBot for the gifts!

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