Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Meet Mini-Peter
a mini-biography by Nikki

Mini-Peter is a 12" (okay, 11 5/8") action figure of Peter Gabriel, based on his 1978 tour and specifically the show for the German TV concert series Rockpalast.

Real Peter

Since his creation, as you might have noticed, Mini-Peter has developed a personality all his own... which is why he needed a whole website to show it off!

Note how sweet and innocent he looks in these photos... Is anyone convinced?? Ha!!

Mini-Peter standing

Mini-Peter close-up The Process
His head is sculpted from clay - I had never sculpted anything before, but I'm dangerous when I get inspired! His body is that of a Navy Seal action figure, whose head was removed and is now a cat toy. I selected a body that already had gloves, although I had to paint them. His clothes are home-made: the shirt is material from one of my own old shirts, and the jeans are from a piece of white canvas, which had an accurate denim texture. The vest is some plastic stuff I found at a fabric store. The shoes are the ones that came with the Navy Seal, but slightly modified and painted.

UPDATE: In January 2008, Mini-Peter got some new clothes - they're pretty much the same as his old ones, except sewn instead of glued. They look and fit much better, and they're sturdier and most importantly washable!

The Box
I was afraid any visitors to my room would get their grubby hands and the filth all over them on Mini-Peter's white clothes, so I modified the original box that the Navy Seal came in, using screencaps from the Rockpalast show and some new graphics.

My roommate thought I should put a price tag on the box to make it more authentic, but since Mini-Peter is NOT for sale (see FAQ), I thought that would just look tacky.

At first, the box also served as Mini-Peter-control, but he quickly figured out how to get out of it, so that didn't work for long. In fact, since about mid-2007, he uses it for storage and never goes in it at all. Who can blame him? I wouldn't want to live in a box, either! And I've long since given up on trying to keep his clothes clean, which is why the new ones are washable.

At any rate, a box seems like a necessary accessory for an action figure, so we'll keep it around as a conversation piece if nothing else.

Be sure to see more about the creation of Mini-Peter and his toys under
The Birth of Mini-Peter.

Mini-Peter in his box