Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

**an action figure tribute to Peter Gabriel**

Update History
Are you up to date on Mini-Peter's antics?

July 1st: New Adventure, WALL-E Weekend
June 3rd: New Adventure, The Magic Phone Box
April 21st: New Bonus Photos Page, Fan Gifts
March 3rd: New Photoshop Dream, Hallucinations
February 13th: New Adventure, The Cake Tower
January 28th: New Photoshop Dream, Hoodie Stowaway
January 25th: New Adventure,
Predicaments, Part 2

December 25th: New Adventure, The First Mini-Christmas
November 12th: Photoshop Dreams page is properly premiered with four new dreams
November 30th: New Adventure, The Mini-Studio
October 31st: New Adventure, The Great Halloween Adventure, Part 2
October 29th: New Adventure, The Great Halloween Adventure, Part 1
October 20th: New site design goes online, with many new features:
     Photoshop Dreams (teaser page with one dream)
     Q&A With Mini-Peter
     The Orange Photo Album
     Free Goodies
     The Mini-Peter Flag
     More Peter (links)
October 10th: New Adventure, Candy Training
September 23rd: New Adventure, In The Wilderness
August 28th: New Adventure, The Mini-Projectionist
July 30th: New Adventure, The Orange Thumb
July 4th: New Adventure, Me And My Teddy Bear
July 3rd: We welcome Mini-Peter's new friend Teddy into the mini-gang!
June 20th: New Adventure, Mini-Mozo's On The Air
May 28th: New Adventure, Mini-Peter's Calendar
May 14th: New Adventure, Predicaments, Part 1
April 30th: New Adventure, Mini-Peter Builds a House
April 13th: New Adventure, With Leather Comes Attitude
March 25th: New Adventure, Collecting Orange Things
March 14th: The Adventures of Mini-Peter goes online with four adventures:
     Birthday Celebrations and Mishaps
     When Nikki is Away...
     Watching Rockpalast
     Mini-Peter Makes a Website