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Official Site
news, discography, forum, and monthly video updates from Peter himself!

Solsbury Hill
news, blog, photos, funny articles, and one of the friendliest forums on the 'net!

Peter Gabriel on Wikipedia
biography, discography, various interesting tidbits, the usual Wikipedia thing

PG Eastoons
Lia Eastwood's wonderful daily cartoons depicting life with Peter and the band. Mini-Peter asked me to point out the "Orange Shirts" link, too. ;)

The Peter Gabriel Wing
impressive artwork inspired by Peter's music. There's some pretty cool stuff on there! (My favourite is Red Rain, and Mini-Peter's is Shock the Monkey.) Hit the main page for a link to some Genesis artwork as well!

The Church of Peter Gabriel
Peter is God - didn't you know? All you non-believers better get yourself over to the church and become enlightened before it's too late!
C of PG

Peter Gabriel - France
No, it's not a little town on the French coast where we'd all like to retire someday, where they play Peter's music 24/7 through zorb-shaped speakers in the town square and the precipitation has a crimson hue... ah, wouldn't that be nice? No, it's a website about Peter, en Français, and from what I can understand of it, it's pretty cool.

A Bunch of Links
Why have I even bothered making a links page? This one link has 'em all covered, I think!
Peter Gabriel Links

The Adventures of Mini-Peter
one humble action figure's tribute to - hey, wait a minute, how did this get on here? Mini-Peter, do you know anyting about this?? Ohhh well, I'll play along, I guess. A cute little action figure of Peter Gabriel goes on adventures... check it out!

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