Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Our Favourite Praise
the kindest and/or funniest things people have said about Mini-Peter!

"Mini-Peter kicks major ankle."

"The barbie dolls in my house are throwing their panties at the screen."

Ten Reasons Why You Should LOVE Mini-Peter
by Wamde Tanka
  1. He's a mini Peter Gabriel. If that's not reason enough to love him, something might be wrong with you =/
  2. He can almost always be seen sporting the color orange. It takes a brave soul to make orange a part of their daily wardrobe.
  3. He's good with cats!
  4. He started his own Ham radio station ... for a while at least =D
  5. He's less than 2 feet tall and he's done more in his lifetime than I have!!!
  6. He gives great advice when you need it.
  7. His creator gives great advice too, and is always so friendly!
  8. HE HAS HIS OWN WEBSITE!! How many of you can honestly say you have your own website that's cool and has visitors and a guestbook?
  9. He loves the Real Peter!! Just like me <33
  10. He may be short, but he has big dreams!!!

These are the reasons why today, I devoted my blog to Mini-Peter... he's all that above and more!

Mini-Peter as an Eastoon!
Lia Eastwood, creator of the brilliant PG Eastoons, is Mini-Peter's aunt, which is explained on the credits page. As a house-warming gift, she drew this for him!
(click it for the full-sized version)

Mini-Peter as an Eastoon!

Mini-Peter has a fanclub in Argentina, and one of its founding members, Morena, made this for him!

argentina fan club greeting

Mini-Peter especially loves the mini-hearts. Thank you, Morena!

Every once in a while, someone sends Mini-Peter a gift in the mail! He's received some very cool things, which can be viewed on the Gifts page in Bonus Photos. You really must see the mini-Segway and the chocolate flower and the lantern and the-- oh, go on already!