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Mini-Peter was created by S. Nikki Walsh. Eh, that's me. *waves* I sculpted his head and many of his toys and tools out of clay, made most of his clothes, built his playground, and painted just about everything. See The Birth of Mini-Peter for more details.

Web design by Mini-Peter, of course! Oh, but I helped. A little. We used Elizabeth Castro's wonderful books HTML 4 For the World Wide Web and HTML, XHTML and CSS, 6th Edition (both from the Visual Quickstart Guide series).

All Mini-Peter photography by S. Nikki Walsh, except:

beating with gun Nikki and the gangby Dan Ferris (my roommate)
that's my leg he's beating on in the first, and me with the gang in the second. Can't take a picture of myself! ;-)
 nervous holding sparklerby Tammy Walsh (my cousin)
I was standing just out of frame ready to rescue Mini-Peter in case the sparkler should get out of his control.
 tracking the bullyby Hannah (my sister)
Someone had to watch Mini-Peter's back to be sure the bully didn't sneak up from behind!

All Mini-Peter photography and text ©2007, 2008 S. Nikki Walsh / earthimmigrant. If you want to use a photo of Mini-Peter somewhere, please give credit and a link to the site.

Photos and screencaps of Peter Gabriel are from various sources (usually unknown - credit given if known) and are mostly used without permission, but we're not making any money here so go easy on us. :-) If you really want something taken down (or credit given for it), please send a friendly e-mail to Nikki and it will be removed (or credited) immediately. Well, immediately after I get the e-mail, anyway.

Additional characters in The Great Halloween Adventure (part 2)
were played by my sisters:
Hannah: Violent Hippie, Bully
Emma: Demented Supermodel, Crying Girl


Obviously, this whole thing is a big silly tribute to Peter Gabriel, because he ROCKS! Therefore, I feel we should thank him for being so cool. Thanks, Peter, for all the great music, and for working in various ways to make this world a better place!

Thanks also to the wonderful folks at the Solsbury Hill Forum (see link below), who convinced me that I wasn't a complete loser nutcase for doing all of this. (Well, they convinced me I'm not a loser, anyway... I might still be a nutcase....)

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Naturally, you should visit Peter Gabriel's official site:

And here's a really good PG fan site:
Solsbury Hill.

One of these days I'm gonna make an album or write a screenplay or something, but I haven't actually finished anything yet. For now, you can look at my groovy logo. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere!

If you like silly tributes somewhat similar to this, you MUST check out Lia Eastwood's wonderful
PG Eastoons!
As a matter of fact, it was one of her cartoons that got me thinking I should attempt another action figure! (I tried making an Eddie Izzard a few years ago, but it didn't really work out.) For this reason, she is officially Mini-Peter's Aunt.

This has nothing to do with Peter Gabriel, but it's similar and cute, and who doesn't love Ewan McGregor? A friend told me about it after I showed her Mini-Peter's site.
The Mini Faces of Ewan

For more links to Peter Gabriel related sites, please see Mini-Peter's
More Peter page.

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