Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Mini-Peter's Calendar
a Mini-Peter Adventure transcribed by Nikki, 2007

May 28: Every Day is a celebration!

     I got a new computer as an early birthday present - how exciting!!!
     Mini-Peter customized it immediately.

orange apple

     "Aw, you BRAT!" I screamed as I chased him into his house, where he fought me off with the Sharpie until almost my entire hand was orange.


     "It's just a sticker!" he called out once I'd calmed down a bit.
     "A WHAT?" I went to investigate, and sure enough, he had colored in one of the stickers that came with the computer and trimmed it exactly to fit the apple on the back of the monitor fold. My computer was unharmed, although I was still a bit discolored.


     "Well okay, I won't have to kill you now, but I'm still not sure I like you putting stickers on my birthday present."
     "Wait a minute - birthday? When was your birthday?!"
     "It's not 'til June, this was an early gift."
     "Oh, what a relief, I was afraid I'd missed it."
     "Well you know, this computer has a pretty cool calendar program I've been meaning to play around with. If you promise not to physically alter my computer in any way - INCLUDING STICKERS - you can use it if you want."
     "A calendar?" He pondered the possibilities. "All right, that sounds like fun!"

     First, he added my birthday, which, according to Wikipedia, is the same as Tony Levin's.

Tony Levin's birthday

     Then he put in Real Peter's birthday, although he assured me that he could never forget that.

Real Peter's birthday

     "Not only is it Real Peter's birthday," he explained, "it's also the day I had my first adventure!"
     "That it is," I agreed. "It's a very special day all around."

     He added the three days over which he was created (see The Birth of Mini-Peter), then remembered another special day: September 15th, 1978 - the day the real Peter recorded Rockpalast!

     "We'll have to have a big Rockpalast party on that day!" he exclaimed, and did a little dance on my desk.
     "Hey, no objections here. You know what I say: any excuse for cake!"

     But now he had run out of special days to mark, so he started looking up stuff on the internet that he could put in his new calendar. He found the release dates of every album, first and last dates of tours, birthdays of band members, etc. I left him to his research and found a good book to read.
     "Hey Nikki?" he asked me after a while.
     "What's up?" I asked, looking up from my book.
     "Why does this website list Real Peter's birthday in May?"
     "It's a misprint. Some celebrity birthday book got it wrong once, and now it gets repeated as fact sometimes. It's not right, his birthday's in February, I promise."
     "Misprint my mini clay bottom," Mini-Peter retorted. "Clearly, it's nothing but a clever ploy by Real Peter to get twice as many gifts!"
     I laughed. "Can't say I never thought of that myself, if only in jest, but I really do think it was an accident."
     "No, it wasn't. I'm sure of it. Trust me, I know these things. He's a part of me, you know--"
     "Oh is he?"
     "Yes, he is, and I am quite sure it's a scam for more presents. Quite brilliant, actually. In fact, I think I need a second birthday."
     "Do you now?"
     "Yes, I do."
     "Don't you already have more than one?"
     "How do you mean?"
     "You celebrated the real Peter's as your own this year with that whole cake fiasco--"
     "Yes, there was that..."


     "And you have the day you were created--"
     "I was created over three days, I think they should all count."
     "Whoa, wait a minute, that's not fair. Humans don't celebrate the whole nine months they were being created!"
     "Well maybe they should!"
     "We'd be celebrating for three-quarters of the year!"
     "What's wrong with that? You do always say 'any excuse for cake', right?"
     "I'm beginning to regret that..."
     "No. Look, I need more birthdays. I'm small. A year takes forever for me, I can't wait all that time between birthdays, it simply won't do."
     I sighed. There's no use in arguing with him when he gets like this, I've learned that lesson. So he blindfolded himself and started picking days at random, anywhere from one to four in a month, until he had a grand total of forty-seven birthdays, including the now five-day, five-night celebration (or his "Hannukah Birthday" as he refers to it) which marks the full span of time from his inspiration to completion. Any excuse for cake indeed.

random birthdays

     So, for those of you who would like to join in on the festivities, please mark your calendars... Mini-Peter's birthday is coming up on June 14th, June 26th, July 1st, July 9th, July 23rd, August 10th, August 20th, September 2nd, September 15th, October 3rd, October 13th, October 31st, November 9th...