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Mini-Peter's Birthdays!

If you've read the adventure "Mini-Peter's Calendar", then you know that Mini-Peter has forty-seven birthdays, chosen mostly at random, because he just couldn't wait a whole year between them. Here, if you're interested, is the complete list of his birthdays!

Please don't send gifts, he's spoiled enough as it is... but feel free to wish him a happy day on his MySpace or by e-mail!

Note: there are a few birthdays listed here that are different from the ones included on the adventure page, because he rearranged some of them after the adventure was posted. He assures me that this is the final version of the list and it will not be changed again.

January:7, 17, 25-29*
February:13, 18, 21
March:1, 8, 13, 27
April:11, 19, 25, 30
May:4, 13, 22, 28
June:5, 9, 14, 26
July:1, 9, 23, 31
August:10, 20, 30
September:2, 15, 23
October:3, 13, 31
November:9, 12, 17, 24
December:2, 6, 15, 19

*the five-day, five-night "Hannukah Birthday", celebrating the time from his inspiration to creation and completion!
this, of course, is also Real Peter's birthday! Woo HOO!!!
this is also Rockpalast day!

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