Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Birthday Celebrations and Mishaps
a Mini-Peter Adventure transcribed by Nikki, 2007

Mini-Peter's first adventure occurred, appropriately enough, on February 13th - Peter Gabriel's birthday!

     One thing I always say is: "any excuse for cake!"

     So... I decided I'd make a cake for Peter Gabriel's birthday.
     I did it the night before so I could relax when I got home from work on Tuesday, have some cake, watch some PG videos, ya know. The usual birthday thing.
     Just after midnight, I was putting the finishing touches on the cake when I heard a CRASH in my room!
     I went in to investigate and found that Mini-Peter had knocked his box right off the shelf and was trying to claw his way out!!

let me out!

     He messed up the nice row of his own CDs and everything, as you can see.
Naturally, I opened the box to let him out.

climbing out

     "What is the problem??" I asked.
     "It's after midnight," he replied as he climbed out. "That means it's my birthday, and I smell cake! It had better be for me!!"
     "Of course it's for you," I assured him. "I'm sorry I didn't come and get you, it was meant to be a surprise, that's all."

     So off we went to the kitchen, and I presented him with his cake.


     "The hat's a bit silly, don't you think?" he queried.
     "You have to be made to look silly on your birthday," I told him. "It's a law of the universe. So Happy Birthday, and dig in!"

     And that was my mistake.

dig in

     This picture was taken just seconds before he jumped head first into the cake and started swimming through it like Scrooge MacDuck in his money bin.




(I was too busy fishing him out to get pictures of that... sorry...)




     So Mini-Peter spent the rest of the night getting the chocolate out of those nice white clothes...

scrubbing clothes

     But he never did take off that darn hat.

     Well, at least he still has Tuesday to celebrate properly.
     And I'll be eating cake salad (well-tossed).