Mini-Moribund Mini-Moribund

Bonus Photos!
Photos that don't fit anywhere else but are too good to leave out,
now conveniently organized into several pages for the mercy of those on dial-up.

Make sure you've seen all of Mini-Peter's adventures before looking at these - there might be some spoilers!

Bonus Photos, Page 1
Adventure Outtakes
Deleted Scenes! Photos that didn't make the adventures but are still worth seeing.

Bonus Photos, Page 2
More Outtakes
There were so many Adventure Outtakes that they needed an extra page!

Bonus Photos, Page 3
Photos taken between adventures - just your typical everyday silliness.

Bonus Photos, Page 4
More Extras
More Between-the-Adventures shots - he's such a photogenic little fellow!

Bonus Photos, Page 5
Fan Gifts
Cool things that people have sent to Mini-Peter!

Remember to check this page often - there are new additions every adventure or so!