Chapter 2 - Introducing Biggs the Elusive

Elusive? I'm right here, ya moron!

     Meet Captain James Biggs of Internal Affairs - but we don't know that yet. No, for now he's just some nosy guy asking suspicious questions as Ludlow waits to get fixed at the hospital.

House! You've... shaved?!

     He's just an overly friendly insurance salesman. Really. Honestly. "Hey, you're that guy on TV!" he says as he recognizes Ludlow from the night's news reports. He offers him gum, but Ludlow does not accept.

Refuse my gum, will you?!

     BIG mistake. Now it's personal.

     Biggs asks a few more questions until this dude calls him "Captain" and blows his cover.

No more gum for you.

     Ahh. Ludlow gets it now. This guy wants to burn him.

I'm watching you, buddy...

     That Blue Biggs rule isn't so subtle in this scene, is it? It won't always be this obvious, but it'll still come in handy, so keep it in mind as we move on.

Chapter 3: Bad Things Happen