Chapter 4 - Background Biggs

     First up, it's the funeral.

Biggs in the casket

     No, Biggs isn't dead, but what better place to hide at a funeral than in a coffin? Once the procession has gone, whoever starts scooping dirt is gonna get a creepy surprise as Biggs pops out and slinks away.

A Quick Lesson In Biggsspotting

Lesson 4: Irony & Playing Opossum
The best way to stay alive is to play dead.

     Having been threatened by Wander, a man of his word in all the wrong ways, Biggs would be wise to fear for his life. It is for precisely this reason that he relies heavily on death-themed hiding places for a short time.
     Unless you're in a zombie flick, there's nothing more innocuous than a dead body. You can't kill what's already dead, so you might as well just leave it alone. What better disguise could there be when you need to spy on someone?

Biggs in the filing cabinet

     After the funeral, Ludlow meets Homicide Detective Diskant (a.k.a. "Disco"), the "2 for 2" rookie investigating the incident at the minimart. Biggs spies from inside the filing cabinet over Ludlow's shoulder - obviously, the drawers are false. This is definitely one of the less comfortable places that Biggs has chosen to hide, but it's just one of many reasons he's so good at his job. Self sacrifice, humility and discomfort are just stepping stones to a great victory.

Biggs on the gurney

     As Ludlow meets with the coroner hoping to make the third gun's bullet disappear, Biggs once again plays dead. Here, he lies deathly still under plastic at the back of the room, surrounded by his characteristic blue light.

Biggs in the trunk

     Biggs has crept into Ludlow's trunk to hitch a ride back to the station. In the parking lot, Ludlow has a chat with Disco and finds out who those gangstas at the minimart were. Fremont and Coates are their names, and they're some extra bad dudes. Once he returns to the station, Ludlow discusses this new info with his team, including Sgt. Clady, who seems to think going after the gangstas is a very bad idea. As always, Biggs is right there listening to it all. Can you spot him?

Biggs in the locker

     Ludlow heads to Wander's house to get drunk and cry about his dead wife. While he's there, he begs Wander to let him take out the gangstas, but Wander tells him Biggs is watching, so no go.

     Biggs is watching... well dammit, Ludlow thinks, then I'll just have to find Biggs.

I'll get you, Biggsy... and your pack of gum, too!

     Back behind the desk, Ludlow gets a complaint about some high ranking cop who stole a guy's money and said it was for the 'Cookie Jar'. But gum and cookies don't mix... even Ludlow knows that. He's even more confused now. Fortunately, Disco rescues him by calling him into the locker room for a super secret talk.

Do you know where Biggs is?

     Ludlow's getting paranoid now and thinks maybe Disco is hiding Biggs. He tries to get clever, but as usual just makes a fool of himself.

You can't fool me! He's in the phone, isn't he?

     He tears up the phone, but finds no Biggs - not even a stick of gum to indicate that he's on the right track. Meanwhile, from inside the trash bin, Biggs giggles silently at Ludlow's stupidity.


     Disco and Ludlow team up and head out to find... well, they'll settle for either the bad guys or Biggs at this point, really. Ludlow finds this girl and asks her a few questions, but she denies everything. If only Ludlow knew what we know about refrigerators, he might think twice about the strange placement of this one.

Biggs in the fridge! (note blue tarp next to it)

     Ludlow interrogates the girl, but she's not giving anything away.

Where's Biggs?

Tall guy. Chews gum. I know he's here.

How much gum is he giving you? I'll double it!

I am going to ask you. ONE. More. Time.

     Fine, thinks Ludlow. If she won't tell me, I'll just go mess with some other dude instead. So Ludlow and Disco go chasing after a drug dealer called Quicks, get some info from him, then leave him hanging in barbed wire while they follow their new lead.

Chapter 5: The Hunt Continues