Chapter 6 - Complications

     With all this drama going on, Ludlow figures it's a good time to party.

Biggs in the plants

     As Biggs listens in from the garden, the whole gang relaxes by the pool and talks about all the fun and groovy illegal things they've done as cops. After the party, Ludlow has a guilt attack and visits Washington's widow again, this time at her home.

You can't come in, Biggs is here.

     He gives her the disc with the video of her husband's slaughter. She seems grateful - obviously it's just the sort of thing she'd want to watch on a lazy Saturday night.

     Following a call from Disco with new information, Luds and Disco load up a fine arsenal and head off to kill some bad dudes.

Biggs behind the shield.

     Well, okay, he's behind the wall behind the shield. At any rate, it's obvious from the framing of this shot that Biggs is somewhere in the vicinity of the shield. They get ready to head out, Ludlow checking the trunk for Biggs, but they're in for a surprise...

Biggs in the trunk...

Biggs in the trunk...

OH CRAP, Biggs in the car!

     After staying so well hidden for days, Biggs just drives right up to say hello. And Ludlow thought they were being so sneaky, loading up after hours.


Sorry Ludsy... you can't outbiggs Biggs.

     Biggs, ever the manipulator, doesn't really come right out and say anything, but he gives Ludlow something to think about... something fairly obvious, in fact. He suggests that maybe, just maybe, Washington the Rat was killed because he ratted on some really bad people. If Ludlow's just a little bit bad and he wanted to beat Washington up for ratting him out, maybe these dudes are a lotta bit bad and went after him with machine guns instead of fists. Now this gets Ludlow thinking... I mean, REALLY thinking...

Biggs in my head!!!

     Biggs doesn't seem too keen on stopping Ludlow, although it's obvious that he's plotting something illegal. It almost seems like Biggs is helping him now. What the hell is going on here? Ludlow has a headache, but he must continue his quest for justice, so it's off to the bad dudes' crib to figure out what the hell Biggs is talking about.

Chapter 7: Here's where the action is, baby