Chapter 7 - Time to Get Violent

     Luds and Disco take all their guns and load them up with extra nasty ammo before they go to meet the bad dudes at their Bad Dude place. These dudes are SERIOUSLY bad. How bad are they, you ask? They're so bad that they can put up a NO GRAFFITI sign and there will actually be no graffiti.

Dude. That's pretty bad.

     Luds and Disco are pretending to be rotten cops, trying to set up a drug dealing deal with these really bad dudes. Unfortunately, Disco has to go and open his big mouth and remember out loud that these bad dudes are actually undercover cops who have gone really, really rotten. There's a big nasty shootout, and Disco gets shot in the throat right off the bat. Ludlow goes on a rampage, and finds a fridge.

Biggs, you in there?

Guess not.

     Biggs had been there earlier, of course, but fortunately he slipped out the back before the poor fridge got blown to bits. In all the confusion, Biggs made his escape into Ludlow's trunk while Ludlow finished off the bad dudes and said goodbye to Disco, who finally kicked the bucket despite Ludlow's most convincing pleas for him to stay alive.

     Ludlow heads to his girlfriend's place where she tends (rather badly for a nurse) to his wounded arm and shows him the news reports accusing him of murder.

Biggs down the hall

     Gee, that sure made the news awfully fast. Suspiciously fast, in fact, but before Ludlow has time to think about it, his so-called partners show up and kidnap him. With Biggs in the trunk, Ludlow gets out of his handcuffs and fishhooks the driver wth one of them. The car swerves all over the road.


Hey, right side of the yellow line please!

Okay, that is a Bus, not fun anymore...

     The ex-partner not driving finally punches Ludlow out so they can drive safely back to the house up in the hills where Ludlow found that shallow grave. Rotten Cop #1, bandaged from being fishhooked, grabs a DNA sample from Ludlow to frame him for every crime ever committed in the city of Los Angeles, then gets ready to kill him and bury him with the other bodies.

Biggs in the fridge.

     Biggs watches the action from that same fridge, which can just barely be seen through the door. Ludlow crawls to the grave on his own and smashes Fishhook over the head with a shovel, then shoots the other dude and heads to Washington's Widow's house, knowing she'll be in danger now, too.

Biggs in the Trunk.

     Sure enough, Clady is there looking for Biggs in the DVD player.

If I wear blue gloves, he'll be in there.

     Clady's an even bigger moron than Ludlow. Not only is he looking for Biggs in a DVD player, he pries the damn thing open with a screwdriver. Apparently he has never heard of an Eject Button.


     Awww, poor Clady. Don't cry - at least you found the DVD-R with Washington's murder on it. That could be worth something, right?

Not Biggs.

     Ludlow bursts in and takes Clady by surprise, they smack each other around for a while, and finally Ludlow cuffs Clady and dumps him in the trunk of his car.

Whatsa Matter? Don't see Biggs in there? Look CLOSER!

Chapter 8: It just gets deeper...