Chapter 5 - Biggshunting

     On the tip from Quicks, Luds and Disco see a guy called Grill, who has a fridge. Ludlow may be getting smart after all. He checks the fridge for Biggs...


     Sorry, Luds, no Biggsy here. He's not giving up so easily, though.

Biggs in the mustard?

A Quick Lesson In Biggsspotting

Lesson 5: Biggs is Big
Stop looking in small places.

     Yes, Biggs is a master of camouflage, and yes, he can cram himself into some very uncomfortable spots. However, Biggs is over 6 feet tall and simply does not fit in mustard containers, cell phones, or under couch cushions.
     It might seem like a painfully obvious fact, but apparently it has slipped by Ludlow, as he continues to look in these sorts of places for his nemesis. One can only hope that you, fair Biggsspotter, are wiser and cleverer than Ludsy. However, on the off chance that your IQ matches his, this rule might be helpful to you.

     There is definitely something other than mustard in here, Ludlow discovers as he shakes the bottle and it rattles. Too bad it's only some illegal drugs.

No Biggs for you. (Dammit!)

     Discouraged for the moment, they set aside the search for Biggs and question Grill about the bad guys. After a pounding with a phone book, Grill admits he knows a guy who knows a guy who knows the guys. The guy he knows is in prison this week, so they put Grill in with him and leave him there for a while to get the scoop. Meanwhile, Ludlow has a chat with Washington's widow at the book store.

Biggs in the History of Chewing Gum aisle (ducking)

     Mrs. Washington gives Ludsy a guilt trip about ignoring the corruption around him, but otherwise isn't very helpful, so Ludlow's off to take more complaints. In comes Clady.

Sorry, thought I saw Biggs.

     Clady comes bearing gifts.

Is it Biggs?

     Unfortunately, it is not Biggs in the envelope (see Lesson 5), but merely the bullet from Ludlow's gun that was dug out of Washington's body. Well, that's good - at least Luds is off the hook for that little mishap now. This good news is followed up by a call from Grill and a lead to a guy in an Orange Cadillac.

What a nice roomy trunk for Biggs!

     "Bad guys or Biggs!" Ludlow demands, threatening to send this drug dealer to lockup if he doesn't help them out. As it turns out, he gets his drugs from Fremont and Coates, and he even knows where they live.

Four places Biggs could be. Biggs in the trash?

Biggs in the shed?

Biggs in the fridge? (ooh, blood!)

Biggs in the shallow grave?

     Naturally, Biggs was in the fridge, though these morons never bothered to open it. They did, however, find the bodies of Fremont and Coates in this shallow grave. Ahhhh... the thought plickens...

Chapter 6: Getting closer!