Chapter 8 - A Few Final Surprises

     Ludlow pays his old pal Wander a visit, but there's no time for friendliness. Wander plays all innocent while he sends a text to Clady's phone telling him to come and kill Ludlow. Too bad Ludlow stole Clady's phone and gets the message himself. Wander's in deep now.

Hmm... where oh where could Biggsy could be?

     Ludlow's getting really frustrated now. It's almost the end of the movie and he still hasn't found Biggs. Now he finds out his best friend has been trying to kill him.

Ooof! Watch the fridge, will ya?

     He slams Wander around for a while then cuffs him to a rail and gets ready to shoot him, but Wander doesn't want to die yet.

Wait! Let me live and I'll tell you where Biggs is!

Biggs? Where?

He's there... in the wall...

     Ludlow walks over to where Wander is pointing... could it be? Is his search finally over?

Biggs is here?

     "Tear it down!" Wander prompts, so Ludlow grabs a big floor lamp and does just that.

It's over, Biggs! You're mine now!

     But as the wall comes down, Ludlow finds no Biggs whatsoever - just a bunch of money.

That is NOT Biggs!

Aw, Dammit, I really thought he was in there...

     Wander offers Ludlow some of the money instead, but Ludlow's rage gets the better of him and he shoots Wander right through the heart, killing him. What a mess. He's the one in deep now, he realizes. He's killed all of his partners and the boss who always kept him out of trouble. Maybe if he finds Biggs, he can tell him about Wander, strike a deal or something. But where could he be?

It's a big city... Biggs could be anywhere.

     From behind him he hears a voice tell him to drop his weapon. It's one of those cops who always hangs out with Biggs!

Do you know where Biggs is?


     Well if it ain't the first time Ludsy's ever been happy to see good ol' Biggs. Even if he can't stay out of prison, at least he can feel good about himself. Hell, he's so tired at this point that prison might be a nice vacation. Maybe Biggs will even give him some of that gum he's always chewing. But wait - something's off.

Biggs isn't blue anymore?

A Quick Lesson In Biggsspotting

Lesson 6: Biggs Isn't Blue
The deception turns the other way

     Until this point, Biggs has always worn blue, because he represented the establishment. Cops are the Boys in Blue, and Biggs was the ultimate cop - the kind that makes sure even cops follow the rules.
     Suddenly, we find that Biggs is not what he seemed. He has his own agenda, and he isn't so set on following the rules after all. Blue Biggs is dead, and a new Biggs is born... but is the white shirt a sign of virtue or just another deception? We may never know...

     Instead of arresting him, Biggs picks up Ludlow's gun and gives it back to him.

What the hell's going on here?

     Biggs confesses that he was really after Wander all along, and he used Ludlow to get to him. Biggs is going to cover this whole thing up so Ludlow looks like a hero again, and everything can continue as before, only without Wander. Biggs is the new Wander. Well in that case, Biggs really should give him some gum. Pretty please, Ludlow begs?

Nope. You missed your chance. My gum.

     There's no more time for small talk, as Biggs has to go work his magic before the rest of the police force gets there. He bids Ludlow farewell, promising to protect him in the future as long as he stays the right kind of corrupt and only breaks rules against bad guys instead of blackmailing cops like Wander was doing.

I gotta go. If you need me, I'll be in the fridge.

     "The fridge?" thinks Ludlow... "Of course! It all makes sense now. I think. Maybe not." Well, it doesn't matter. At least Ludsy knows where to find Biggs now. He'll be in the fridge. Just one problem...

There are an awful lot of fridges out there...

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