Where's Biggs?

Biggs in the Fridge!

well, hang on, let's back up a bit here...

Who's Biggs?

     Captain James Biggs works in Internal Affairs for the Los Angeles Police Department, according to the movie Street Kings.


Why Biggs?

     Biggs sees all, hears all, and knows all. He's a "cop who burns cops," and he's after some rotten cops who make a career of breaking rules.

How, Biggs? HOW?

     How does Biggs know so much? How does he always seem to get to the bottom of things, even after his informant is killed? The answer lies in our original question.

Where's Biggs?


     He's at every crime scene, every party, and every investigation. Hiding. Seeing. Hearing. Knowing. And quite often, Shivering. Have you ever noticed how many refrigerators are in this movie? Far too many to be a coincidence. No, it just happens to be Biggs' favorite place to hide.

     On the following pages you will find a summary and tutorial, complete with screencaps, pin-pointing Biggs' precise location at key times. Once you've learned the basics of Biggsspotting, it's up to you to see the movie and find him in the rest of the scenes.

Chapter 1: The Hunt Begins


People have Found Biggs so far...